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Dragonflies – The Edge of a Dream

In an earlier blog post I mentioned how I am inspired by other people who enjoy expressing their creativity in different ways. I am excited to bring my gal pals’ attention to one of my favorite “girl” boutiques here in High Point.  When my girlfriends out there read this, they will be squealing with delight (I know), because for the past three years, since Dragonflies first opened, this has been the place we’d go for our more serious “shop therapy sessions.”

Owner Kim Gilliam and manager Paula Holdaway consider Dragonflies to be “every woman’s store” with speciality items that appeal to the littlest of divas and more seasoned divas as well. In fact, Paula likes to say that “If it ain’t fun, we don’t have it!”

Personally, I have to agree. Because, as a frequent shopper, I know their store appeal extends way beyond the merchandise lining their shelves. So many times I’ve walked into the store to be greeted by Paula and her warm southern charm. She has never failed to remember what I was shopping for or drawn to on my last visit. There have been several times when I know she ordered merchandise with my tastes in mind. Individualized service is one of the biggest reasons Dragonflies is a favorite among many of my friends as well.

On my most recent visit to Dragonflies, I learned that they are in the process of selling their store due to unforeseen health problems in the family. This has absolutely broken my heart. At present, they are expecting to have the store sold or closed by December 31, 2010.  Paula says, “We are hoping somebody will see this as a great opportunity and will purchase it to keep the dream alive since Kim had always wanted to open her own boutique.”

Dragonflies prides itself on selling locally made merchandise. They sell everything from unique hand painted glassware and individual novelty soaps, to  handmade dresses and bows. The store creates their own lampshades in super cool “diva” designs and colors that accentuate the store’s atmosphere.  They offer these quality custom items at reasonable prices.

Paula had this to say about her customers over the past three years, “Our customers are like family, man. That’s the one thing I’ll miss the most. Real people with real problems and we’ve become a place to relax for awhile.”

So this is a bittersweet post for me. It is a chance to honor what Kim, Paula and the local artisans and craftspeople have created in the past three years, as well as help get the word out that their store is for sale. Hopefully there will be someone out there who cares as much for their customers as these girls have for the past years.   Even if you’re not in the market for the whole store, drop by and shop around a bit. I’m sure you’ll be glad you did.



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