Rebellious Attitude…Artistic State of Mind

Triad Portrait Photographer-Lexi and Tanner- City Lake, High Point, North Carolina

Tanner and Lexi are the children of my college suitemate, Steph. In fact, Steph was a bridesmaid in my wedding and was actually hanging out with me the night I met Mike (my husband and the other half of Frayed Edge Concepts). So, in short, Steph is a very, very special person in my life. These two awesome kids are a brother and sister duo who appreciate each other and seem to share a very special bond. Tanner is a real ham in front of the camera and is a absolute riot to photograph! He is also a huge fan of Comic Book Super Heros, so we have a lot in common. Lexi is an expert on dinosaurs and loves to collect rocks.  I had a grand time following her on her quest to find the “perfect acorn” during our photo shoot. It was fun watching her analyze each specimen and fill her pockets with her little treasures. Tanner and Lexi’s dad, Troy is an amazing sculptor. Check out some of his work here!

This may also provide some insight into Tanner’s fascination with Super Heros! Enjoy browsing through some of our favorite shots of their session!



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