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High Point-Greensboro-Triad Maternity Photographer-Millennial Aubade

This is a post without pictures. It’s a post inspired by an upcoming shoot of a nature-loving pregnant lady with flame-red hair. We can’t wait to share some of the work we’ll do with her. Until then, we’re always happy to have you explore our photography at

Instead, this is a post about a guy photographer’s perspective on maternity and maternity photography. From my view, nothing quite occupies the hinterland between body and spirit quite as completely and profoundly as a pregnant woman. More specifically, no physical condition or act seems to more thoroughly represent the soul. But that’s just me.  I believe in a soul.

For me, maternity photography is a chance to glimpse that soul by revealing the human body at its fullest. Maybe I’ll take some heat for saying this, but here goes…

Maternity photos in sweaters or with a husband’s arms around his wife’s bare waist are terrific and can make for some fine, memorable shots, but an unrestrained woman who reveals the full swollen miracle of life can also create some digital miracles. Maternity is tactile. The pregnant body is textured and strained while the pregnant woman is deep-eyed and calm. Maternity is earth, air, fire and water, and I want maternity photography that exudes both nature and the mystery of the unseen.  When I look at a photo of a pregnant woman I want the earth to press so hard against my feet that I gaze upward. In other words, maternity is, for me, more sacred than science.

And that’s what we hope to explore in our upcoming shoot.

In thinking about and preparing for the shoot, I was reminded of a poem I wrote a while back. It’s an aubade, which is a dizzyingly demanding and archaic form which forces some cool stuff from a writer. So I’m sharing it with you here in the hope that it might illustrate a little of what I’m so clumsily trying to say about maternity and maternity photography. In essence, it’s about the thing I’m trying to describe – the connection between the carnal and the spiritual. In my opinion, I, at least, cannot feel whole without both.


Millennial Aubade

A million mornings ago
when god was a ten-foot-tall stone
phallus and earth was
belly and breasts ripe
round and heavy as swollen
as the full moon and autumn
a man and woman fresh and smooth-skinned
awoke still smeared in sacred blue
stern sky low above them pale
chilled blue sweat dried white
fires dead where holy holly burned
white the night before when she and he danced
and barefoot pounding
cool gray clay hardening
and softening the pace of their wild
unchoreographed rhythms and hearts
to suit the moon the mood
the heaving of earth’s
to follow fingers of wind to find
each other glistening with sweat
and breathing frost to breathe frost
into each other touch with tongues
each curve and rise
together to a shadow and spark the
with torrents of mouth to mouth
belly to belly
chest to breast
to seed gray gravid clouds
with moaned pleas hymns
for procreation consummation with the
This morning I awoke
beside my green-eyed bride.
It was


One response

  1. Well, Mike….you never cease to amaze me. Wow. Everything about this blog is powerful. You guys Rock!!!!

    January 24, 2011 at 1:08 pm

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