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Event Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Match the Tattoo to the Greensboro Roller Derby Girl

Saturday, April 30th, Greensboro Roller Derby sponsored its first  Greensboro Roller Derby Flat Track Alleycat Race. It was a huge success! If you aren’t familiar with what an Alleycat is check out this link. Alleycat races consist of several task checkpoints where participants must complete a specific task before moving onto another checkpoint.  Frayed Edge was thrilled to be a part of creating a task for one of the checkpoints located at  Seven Sagas Tattoo in Greensboro. The task was called, “Match the Tattoo to the Derby Girl“. Seven Sagas featured several girls from the Greensboro Roller Derby League who have had their artwork completed in their shop.

Feel free to take a moment to play the game for yourself. Can you match the correct tat(s) to the Derby girl?

Leave your comments on our page to share your guesses. We’ll let you know how well you did!



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