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Greensboro, NC -Portrait Photographer-Greensboro Dance Center Portraits

This is the second year Frayed Edge has worked with Jeanne Alala at The Dance Center of Greensboro to provide her dancers with post spring recital dance portraits. We always look forward to the days we spend doing this shoot. This year we had so many new dancers to photograph! We were pretty “jazzed” when so many of the dancers who hadn’t had their portraits done last year were anxious to get their portraits done this year because they wanted to be featured on DCG’s portrait wall. I have to admit, it is thrilling to go into the Dance Center and see our photos on display all along the walls. That never gets old!

We also appreciate the interaction of working with these truly talented dancers. I envy the beautiful lines they can make with their bodies and how confident they seem when posing. They really are a dream to photograph. They are also very patient with me when it takes me several attempts to capture them in mid-air or when they are having to hold a difficult pose or they are counting to three to move into position and I end up shooting on four. Ugh. Poor Jill.

But even through all that, we come out with some fabulous portraits!

The Dance Center of Greensboro really is one of our favorite places in the Triad! Jeanne Alala has such a wonderful rapport with her students and they respond to her direction so well. If you are interested in enrolling your child in dance, this is the place to go! When you have the time, drop by and check them out! Here are a few of our favorites from this year’s shoot.

Thanks for taking the time to view them.



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