Rebellious Attitude…Artistic State of Mind

Smoky Mountain Photographer- Danielle and Chase-Robbinsville, NC

Recently, Frayed Edge had the honor of photographing Chase and Danielle’s destination wedding at the beautiful Smoky Mountain Mansion in Robbinsville, NC.

During my communications with Danielle, I asked her a couple of questions about how they met and what drew them to one another.  Danielle had this to share:

“We actually met in the fourth grade. We sat next to each other and had a grade school crush on each other. We decided that we wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend and pretty much from then on we were inseparable. My parents had to get a separate phone line in middle school because if we weren’t together at school or Pop Warner practice we were talking on the phone. As for what drew us together I am really not sure what it was, but it seems more appropriate to say that there was something that couldn’t keep us apart. Chase of course has a more comical explanation such as my orthodontic head gear and very bad perm but  even with those adorable additions he never went anywhere!”

Both Chase and Danielle were surrounded by friends and family during their wedding day and the atmosphere was filled with so much joy. The images that follow are our favorites from their day.

Side note: We also think it’s pretty cool that we share the same anniversary date!



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