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High Point Portrait Photographer-April Special – Riding Season Biker Promo

We are bikers (a couple of photos below to illustrate). And since the weather is warming and more and more bikers are getting their iron out on the road, and since I get all creatively hyped up at the thought of going outdoors to shoot cool bikes and hot biker people, we thought it might be a good time to offer a special on motorcycle portraits. So we’re giving a $25 discount off the standard booking fee through the month of April for any photos taken with a motorcycle (see our Facebook banner for samples from a previous shoot).

Now let me define “motorcycle.”

For purposes of our special offer, a motorcycle is defined as anything on two wheels with an engine of 49 cc or larger. Three-wheeled vehicles of 49 cc or larger are also included if the two wheels are in the back.

I make the 49 cc cutoff on engine size because mopeds and scooters aren’t motorcycles, and because Wikipedia says most jurisdictions cut it off at 49 cc (hey, I’m writing a blog not a doctoral dissertation, so Wikipedia will do just fine here). I include three wheels because trikes are a badass tradition in the biker world. But I say the two wheels must be in the back for one specific purpose – to exclude anyone who rides a Can-Am Spyder Roadster. Can-Am Spyder Roadsters are out because of their television commercial.

Note, I write “television commercial.” I’ve never ridden a Can-Am Spyder Roadster and cannot comment on its mechanical quality. I can only comment on the commercial, which ticks me off because it tries to associate one thing (Can-Am Spyder Roadsters and the people who ride them) with something their representatives in the commercial clearly aren’t (bikes and bikers). In other words, the commercial BS’s me and I don’t like to be BS’d.

The Can-Am ad piles it on by depicting a “gang” of cleanly dressed, nicely coiffed executive types and their lady friends cruising along a highway. They stop here and there to do some kind of balance beam act on a wooden fence, grab a bite to eat and quaff down a pony pitcher of what appears to be lemonade. Now, this in itself is fine. I have no problem at all with stubble free grown-ups in crisply pressed denims and kevlar jackets sharing the oxygen real people need to survive. For the moment, there seems to be plenty of oxygen to go around.

What I take issue with is the commercial’s attempt to associate these people with bikers. It does so by showing a “real” biker (a big, goateed, leather-clad monster of a man) nodding approvingly at these three-wheeled things in a parking lot. Then it really crosses the line by showing the metro gang pass a group of two-wheelers on the highway and one of the Can-Amers has the audacity to drop his hand in the traditional and top secret two-fingered biker wave.

This absolutely drives me over the deep end because these people, these Can-Am people, don’t look or act anything like bikers. You’re not a biker just because you know the top secret wave. Bikers are gritty and crude. They wear cracked leather and ragged jeans. They have fun with things like burn-outs and mud wrestling. They love the flag and hate authority. They push the edge of everything they do.

Can-Am people don’t push the edge. They pull it back with their straight-laced, safe style, and with a vehicle you can’t drop on your leg no matter how drunk you get off lemonade.

And they say in their commercial that the Can-Am Spyder Roadster is riding “reinvented.” B.S. Riding ain’t broken. It doesn’t need to be “reinvented.” That’s why something like the old Harley-Davidson “We Believe” promo  appeals much more to me.

We’re Frayed Edge. We want to photograph people out there on it. So, for April, bikers get a $25 discount.

Can-Am riders pay full price.



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