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Vanessa+Stephen’s E-Session-Greensboro Portrait Photographer-Lake Higgins

Vanessa and Stephen are a super duper, fun-loving couple with a passion for life so big it’s hard to be around them and not want to smile–A LOT!

 So when it came time to plan their session, they wanted their images to incorporate a few of the activities they enjoy together. Their E-session included walking the dogs, picnicking, hula-hooping, playing guitars and rowing. After such a fun session like this,  Frayed Edge can’t wait to see what’s in store when we shoot Vanessa’s bridals in the fall and their wedding in November.

 I asked Vanessa to share how she and Stephen met. Their story below is just as much fun as they are!


“We met on  in December 2008, where Stephen tried to impress me with his profile pictures of guitar hero and I tried to impress him with my Xena photos.  In the end, it was his adorable picture of his dog, Lady,  that won me over.  I knew we would get along since we both loved animals.  I think he liked me because I liked “geeky” science fiction stuff.  When you can stay up into the wee hours of the morning watching a Battlestar Galactica marathon together, you know you are meant to be :o)

Our first date was in downtown Greensboro, January 2nd, 2009. 

It was freezing but it was beautiful since the ginormous Christmas tree was still up in Center City Park.  We ate tapas at a restaurant that I don’t think is there anymore; Steve impressed me when he agreed to order dessert and share it.  Dessert- quite high on the approval scale for me (Life’s short…….eat dessert 1st).

Then we walked a short distance to an improv show called THE IDIOT BOX, which is kind of like the old show “Who’s Line is it Anyway”.  Singles take note:  laughter- ALWAYS great for a 1st date!  Then we had beers and talked at McCoul’s for several hours.  We closed the place down, and ended the night with some late night pizza just down the road. Stephen was a gentleman and gave me his new wool coat to wear when he realized my sweater wasn’t enough to keep me warm.

Fast forward 3 and 1/2 years, an ACL surgery, nursing school, and several career jumps later- we are engaged!  Stephen asked me to marry him on a gorgeous summer day at the top of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.  It was a private emotional moment that I will never forget :o)”

Adorable, aren’t they? I just love them!!! Enjoy the highlights from their E-session below: 


Alison+Cary’s Cold, Snowy E-Session-Portrait Photographer-Greensboro, North Carolina

The temps were barely above freezing and a light snow fell intermittently during their E-session, but Alison and Cary never complained once.  In fact, at one time in the middle of the session, I heard Alison say, “I’m having so much fun!” I think the images below are a good indication of the fun they were having and also show how relaxed and comfortable they are as a couple.

After spending some time shooting in a Greensboro Park we headed over to Natty Greene’s for the couple to warm up with a cup of coffee and a couple of drinks. It was a super fun session and Frayed Edge is looking forward to shooting Alison’s bridal portraits and their wedding in the fall!! So you’ll be seeing more of these two in the future!!



Greensboro Portrait Photographer-Carla+Brent

I met Brent over seven years ago while training for a marathon with our Greensboro’s Team in Training. At the time, Brent was a cycling coach for TNT.  From the day I met him, his enthusiasm for life and his desire to help others succeed in their own endeavors made him stand out among many of the other participants.

It has been several years since I trained with Team in Training so the only contact with Brent in the interim was through Facebook. I was thrilled when he contacted me a few months back to say he was getting married and he wanted Frayed Edge to do the photography.

I met Carla during our initial consultation with her and Brent. Not only is she gorgeous, but it is apparent that these two are a perfect match for each other. She shares his enthusiasm for cycling and they both have a sensational sense of humor as well as an air of fun surrounding them. I knew immediately  their e-session would be a blast. AND it was!

Carla and Brent tell me they met by chance when they both showed up for a Birthday Party.  Brent rolled up on his bicycle with his tail-light flashing. At first, Carla thought he was a dork, cute, but a dork, nonetheless.  When they were introduced, Brent hugged her and says she’s been smitten ever since.  “Ok, Ok, I’m smitten too,” Brent said, “but it must have been the hug, really!!”

Through conversation they discovered all they had in common (such as an appreciation for bald heads) as well as a love for cycling. Their first “date” was at a cafe. Two days later Carla went to watch Brent race. Brent says “the spandex did her in.”  They have been together almost every day since.

“This is one of those amazing events in life that take you by surprise, but leave a lasting impression on your heart. When you know you know,” Carla said.

I’m am so looking forward to shooting her bridal portraits!

I’ll let their e-session speak for them now: