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Triad Wedding Photographer-Carla’s Bridals-Clemmons NC

Frayed Edge met with Carla at Elysian Equine, in Clemmons, NC for her bridal portraits. The setting was gorgeously dotted with sunflowers here and there and the light was just perfect. Carla took time to pose with her horse, Donnie, a beautiful Hanovarian who was as at ease in front of the lens as Carla. Carla and her beau Brent were featured in an earlier post when we photographed their engagement portraits. Wedding photos will be coming soon! For now, enjoy this beauty in her bridal portraits.



Smoky Mountain Photographer- Danielle and Chase-Robbinsville, NC

Recently, Frayed Edge had the honor of photographing Chase and Danielle’s destination wedding at the beautiful Smoky Mountain Mansion in Robbinsville, NC.

During my communications with Danielle, I asked her a couple of questions about how they met and what drew them to one another.  Danielle had this to share:

“We actually met in the fourth grade. We sat next to each other and had a grade school crush on each other. We decided that we wanted to be boyfriend and girlfriend and pretty much from then on we were inseparable. My parents had to get a separate phone line in middle school because if we weren’t together at school or Pop Warner practice we were talking on the phone. As for what drew us together I am really not sure what it was, but it seems more appropriate to say that there was something that couldn’t keep us apart. Chase of course has a more comical explanation such as my orthodontic head gear and very bad perm but  even with those adorable additions he never went anywhere!”

Both Chase and Danielle were surrounded by friends and family during their wedding day and the atmosphere was filled with so much joy. The images that follow are our favorites from their day.

Side note: We also think it’s pretty cool that we share the same anniversary date!


Event Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Evolving into a Roller Girl with Greensboro Roller Derby

Many of you know I have finally taken the bull by the horns. I have joined the Greensboro Roller Derby. (GSORD) Since last March I have been intrigued by this group of women and the culture of Roller Derby. It took me a year to make the decision to become one. You may remember my first blog about watching them practice last year.

Since announcing this to friends and family I have come across mixed reactions. Some are supportive and excited, while others think I have lost my mind. Please note: The latter only makes me even more committed to doing this!

I have also come across some interesting questions. Let me share a few:

Question: Will you be skating in the upcoming bout on March 6th?

Answer: No, I have to learn some basic to advanced skating skills and pass an assessment in/around June before I will be allowed to join a team on the GSORD. Then I may or may not be invited to join one of the teams. Unfortunately, some girls may spend a very long time working to get onto a team. The teams within the GSORD are the Battleground Betties, Elm Street Nightmares, Gate City Roller Girls, and The Mad Dollies.

Question: Do you have a Roller Derby name yet?

Answer: I am working on coming up with a name. Names for Roller Derby are registered in a National Registry, so it is a good idea to wait until after we pass assessments and are on a team roster before we choose a name. The name is submitted to a National Board for approval. If it is too much like a name within the registry it will not be approved. I will wait patiently and keep a list of names I want to myself to prevent it from being taken when I am ready to submit my name.  When I do come up with a name it will be catchy, creative, and fit my personality. If any of you want to email me some ideas of names, I would love it!! I am always open to suggestions!!!

Question: Why do Roller Girls dress the way they do?

Answer: It is a part of the unique culture of Derby.  I am planning on doing a blog a month on my experiences as Fresh Meat (new member on the team) and I will address this question specifically in a later blog!

Question: When can I see your team skate?

Answer: March 6th is GSORD’s season opener and the Gate City Roller Girls will be up against a team from South Carolina (URGE). The bout will start at 6:30 (but you may want to get there earlier, sometimes the lines are very long and you may want to get tickets online here. Your ticket purchase will get you into the after party benefitting Often Awesome!

I won’t be skating. I will be photographing the bout for a project Frayed Edge is developing with GSORD.  I WILL be wearing my GSORD Fresh Meat shirt and derby attire proudly!

Below, I have included  information on Sunday’s bout:

I Hope to see you there!


Newborn Photographer-Jamestown, NC-Emory One Month

Recently Frayed Edge has had a blast spending time with this little one. This shoot was one where it was “all about her” and Emory seemed to be well aware of that. She would stare into the camera with those deep blue eyes of hers. Amazing.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve  had the opportunity to document her birth as well as her mom’s maternity photos. Now you get a chance to see her at one month! She is turning into such a little beauty!!

After viewing these, if you are interested in learning more about our Baby’s First Year Package and pricing, shoot us an email at and we’ll get you the information!!

This is a great way to document your baby’s first year and you get a whole lot of extras with the package!!

Birth Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Emory Elise’s Birth

The following slide show documents Emory’s first moments in the world (Jan. 24th). It was a spiritual experience to witness and photograph. Frayed Edge blogged about her mother’s maternity portraits in an earlier post. You can view a few of those here. Both mother and daughter are so beautiful. Emory will be a month old tomorrow! Happy 1 month, Emory!



High Point-Greensboro-Triad Maternity Photographer-Millennial Aubade

This is a post without pictures. It’s a post inspired by an upcoming shoot of a nature-loving pregnant lady with flame-red hair. We can’t wait to share some of the work we’ll do with her. Until then, we’re always happy to have you explore our photography at

Instead, this is a post about a guy photographer’s perspective on maternity and maternity photography. From my view, nothing quite occupies the hinterland between body and spirit quite as completely and profoundly as a pregnant woman. More specifically, no physical condition or act seems to more thoroughly represent the soul. But that’s just me.  I believe in a soul.

For me, maternity photography is a chance to glimpse that soul by revealing the human body at its fullest. Maybe I’ll take some heat for saying this, but here goes…

Maternity photos in sweaters or with a husband’s arms around his wife’s bare waist are terrific and can make for some fine, memorable shots, but an unrestrained woman who reveals the full swollen miracle of life can also create some digital miracles. Maternity is tactile. The pregnant body is textured and strained while the pregnant woman is deep-eyed and calm. Maternity is earth, air, fire and water, and I want maternity photography that exudes both nature and the mystery of the unseen.  When I look at a photo of a pregnant woman I want the earth to press so hard against my feet that I gaze upward. In other words, maternity is, for me, more sacred than science.

And that’s what we hope to explore in our upcoming shoot.

In thinking about and preparing for the shoot, I was reminded of a poem I wrote a while back. It’s an aubade, which is a dizzyingly demanding and archaic form which forces some cool stuff from a writer. So I’m sharing it with you here in the hope that it might illustrate a little of what I’m so clumsily trying to say about maternity and maternity photography. In essence, it’s about the thing I’m trying to describe – the connection between the carnal and the spiritual. In my opinion, I, at least, cannot feel whole without both.


Millennial Aubade

A million mornings ago
when god was a ten-foot-tall stone
phallus and earth was
belly and breasts ripe
round and heavy as swollen
as the full moon and autumn
a man and woman fresh and smooth-skinned
awoke still smeared in sacred blue
stern sky low above them pale
chilled blue sweat dried white
fires dead where holy holly burned
white the night before when she and he danced
and barefoot pounding
cool gray clay hardening
and softening the pace of their wild
unchoreographed rhythms and hearts
to suit the moon the mood
the heaving of earth’s
to follow fingers of wind to find
each other glistening with sweat
and breathing frost to breathe frost
into each other touch with tongues
each curve and rise
together to a shadow and spark the
with torrents of mouth to mouth
belly to belly
chest to breast
to seed gray gravid clouds
with moaned pleas hymns
for procreation consummation with the
This morning I awoke
beside my green-eyed bride.
It was

Greensboro-Maternity and Newborn Photographer- Erica

Erica is a great friend and is always so much fun to photograph! She’s a natural and the lens really loves her! She is a total fitness fiend and her efforts have really paid off these past several months. Erica has been a model for Frayed Edge several times, but this shoot was one where she hired us to capture the beauty of her pregnancy and to me, she is even more beautiful pregnant!!!

I absolutely love it.