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Sarah and Josh’s Rainy Day Wedding-Triad Wedding Photographer-Dewberry Farm, Kernersville, NC

Sarah and Josh’s wedding took place on possibly the rainiest day in 2012 at Dewberry Farm in Kernersville. When we arrived at the site to shoot anticipation and pre-wedding portraits, it was raining off and on and arrangements were being made to get everything under shelter. We all agreed to play it by ear and wait out the rain before trying to shoot. By the time Sarah was ready to walk to the ceremony site, the rain was coming down so hard it was difficult for guests to hold on to their umbrellas. Water was everywhere, but Sarah, Josh, and the wedding party took it all in stride. They never stopped smiling and laughing all the way down the aisle.

Even though the ceremony site had to be relocated, family and guests didn’t let the rain keep them from celebrating their love for this couple.  One of the bride’s maids had even written a song and sang it for the couple’s first dance.

Since Sarah is a member of the Greensboro Roller Derby league where she is known as “Pinky La Pain” on The Battleground Betties, many of her league and teammates were there to party with her and Josh until late into the night.

Frayed Edge did Sarah’s Roller Derby styled bridal portraits a week prior to her wedding. The images spent a bit of time being shared all over the “internets”, once Buzzfeed got a hold of them!!  That was pretty awesome! You can check the complete session here on our blog.

For now, these are a few of my personal favorites from their wedding:




Greensboro Wedding Photographer-Pinky La Pain’s Roller Derby Bridal Shoot-Greensboro Coliseum

Pinky’s bridal session took place just a couple of hours before Greensboro Roller Derby’s Wheels of Steel bout on Sept. 23rd.  Since she plays for the Battleground Betties, she wanted her bridal portraits to not only express her love for Roller Derby but to include as many of her team and league mates as possible.  We ended up shooting her portraits just a week prior to her wedding date so we could make sure her vision became a reality. Shooting just before the bout allowed her teammates to be geared up and ready to bout right after the session.

It was an amazing shoot!!  Many of The Battleground Betties and The Mad Dollies suited up early just to be a part of her portraits. Thanks, Pinky for being a risk taker by taking your portraits outside the ordinary, Frayed Edge style!  Your risk, yielded some pretty cool results:


Event Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Match the Tattoo to the Greensboro Roller Derby Girl

Saturday, April 30th, Greensboro Roller Derby sponsored its first  Greensboro Roller Derby Flat Track Alleycat Race. It was a huge success! If you aren’t familiar with what an Alleycat is check out this link. Alleycat races consist of several task checkpoints where participants must complete a specific task before moving onto another checkpoint.  Frayed Edge was thrilled to be a part of creating a task for one of the checkpoints located at  Seven Sagas Tattoo in Greensboro. The task was called, “Match the Tattoo to the Derby Girl“. Seven Sagas featured several girls from the Greensboro Roller Derby League who have had their artwork completed in their shop.

Feel free to take a moment to play the game for yourself. Can you match the correct tat(s) to the Derby girl?

Leave your comments on our page to share your guesses. We’ll let you know how well you did!


Event Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Evolving into a Roller Girl with Greensboro Roller Derby

Many of you know I have finally taken the bull by the horns. I have joined the Greensboro Roller Derby. (GSORD) Since last March I have been intrigued by this group of women and the culture of Roller Derby. It took me a year to make the decision to become one. You may remember my first blog about watching them practice last year.

Since announcing this to friends and family I have come across mixed reactions. Some are supportive and excited, while others think I have lost my mind. Please note: The latter only makes me even more committed to doing this!

I have also come across some interesting questions. Let me share a few:

Question: Will you be skating in the upcoming bout on March 6th?

Answer: No, I have to learn some basic to advanced skating skills and pass an assessment in/around June before I will be allowed to join a team on the GSORD. Then I may or may not be invited to join one of the teams. Unfortunately, some girls may spend a very long time working to get onto a team. The teams within the GSORD are the Battleground Betties, Elm Street Nightmares, Gate City Roller Girls, and The Mad Dollies.

Question: Do you have a Roller Derby name yet?

Answer: I am working on coming up with a name. Names for Roller Derby are registered in a National Registry, so it is a good idea to wait until after we pass assessments and are on a team roster before we choose a name. The name is submitted to a National Board for approval. If it is too much like a name within the registry it will not be approved. I will wait patiently and keep a list of names I want to myself to prevent it from being taken when I am ready to submit my name.  When I do come up with a name it will be catchy, creative, and fit my personality. If any of you want to email me some ideas of names, I would love it!! I am always open to suggestions!!!

Question: Why do Roller Girls dress the way they do?

Answer: It is a part of the unique culture of Derby.  I am planning on doing a blog a month on my experiences as Fresh Meat (new member on the team) and I will address this question specifically in a later blog!

Question: When can I see your team skate?

Answer: March 6th is GSORD’s season opener and the Gate City Roller Girls will be up against a team from South Carolina (URGE). The bout will start at 6:30 (but you may want to get there earlier, sometimes the lines are very long and you may want to get tickets online here. Your ticket purchase will get you into the after party benefitting Often Awesome!

I won’t be skating. I will be photographing the bout for a project Frayed Edge is developing with GSORD.  I WILL be wearing my GSORD Fresh Meat shirt and derby attire proudly!

Below, I have included  information on Sunday’s bout:

I Hope to see you there!


There’s Something Edgy about a Roller Derby Girl

Last weekend we spent some time shooting photos for two members of the Greensboro Roller Derby at a downtown tattoo shop, Golden Spiral Tattoo. Working with this team is always a thrill. This particular shoot was intended to feature these two beauties in the team’s upcoming calendar which will be distributed at a later date. The shots you see here will not appear in the calendar, but happen to be some of our favorites from the shoot. Riannon and Devon make for intriguing subjects. The Greensboro Roller Derby will have their first official bout on October 24th (Brains vs. Fangs). You won’t want to miss these girls bringing the action!