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We Have Moved the Blog-Greensboro, High Point, Triad Portrait Photographers

Hey friends!
Our Blog site has moved to our main website.
We are now located under The move made more sense and everything will be in one place! YAY!
We want you to still visit and interact with us, so if you view our work, leave us a comment. We appreciate it when people stop by and make it personal.
Thanks for all the love and being there while we made this transition. We’ll be updating the blog regularly, so hop on board and join us every chance you get!


Get Framed by Frayed Edge-North Carolina Photographer-High Point North Carolina

We’re trying something new this year and we call it, “FRAMED.” The idea is to work with clients to use photography and graphics to produce a piece of art that compliments a space the client wants to enhance. The cool thing about it is that the client will appear somewhere in the piece, kind of like Alfred Hitchcock appearing in cameo in one of his movies. The client’s presence in the piece can be as conspicuous or as inconspicuous as the client wants.  The important thing is that the final piece incorporates the colors, style, story, texture and size the client wants for the space.

For example, we can create a piece that looks like an oil painting with a mood of elegant old world mystery…

Or we can go crazy and hide the client in a riot of color…

We can create a fantasy scene…

Make complimentary panels in watercolor style…

IMG_0147 (1)

Go cool and intimate…

or pastel warm and bright…

We can go almost monochromatic…

Or create story while we focus on a complimentary color…

But all of this is just scratching the surface. We can pretty much use the media at our disposal to put the client into a work of art that enhances a space, tells a story and says something about the client. The goal is that a viewer will at first only notice a new, conversation-stimulating piece of art in our client’s living room. But closer examination will reveal that the client is actually in the picture…the client has been “FRAMED.”

Contact us from our website if you’re interested in making a cameo above your own mantle piece.

Cole’s Senior Session-Senior Portrait Photographer-Greensboro, North Carolina

Meet Cole!

This 6’2″ senior is an outstanding tight end and linebacker for his high school football team.  He has a lot to smile about since he ended his 2012 season with impressive stats.

We have no doubt that his college football experience will bring him much success as well!

Frayed Edge wishes him the best as he pursues his goals in the upcoming year!



High Point Portrait Photographer-S Family Portrait Session

Monika and I taught school together a few years back and I was thrilled when she decided to use Frayed Edge to shoot her family portrait session. When she booked her session, the weather had been balmy and warm for several days, but on the day of their shoot the wind was crazy cold!! The kids toughed it out and we ended up adjusting our shooting areas to include places that would break the chill of the cold for them.  Despite the weather, everyone was so much fun to photograph.

By the way, is it just me or are these kids some of the cutest kids ever?


Samantha+Robert+Aiden Photo Session-High Point Family Portrait Photographer

Samantha, Robert and Aiden are a beautiful, fun-loving, family. Aiden is four and  takes playtime seriously. I am not kidding. This kid’s “playface” is intense. When he dons the blue cape, watch out!  Something magical is about to happen. His green rain boots scream: “Attention, everyone on the playground! Recess has just been kicked up a notch! Get outta my way!”

Frayed Edge enjoyed our family session with them. Here are a few of our favorites.


Lifestyle Photographer-High Point, North Carolina- Post Wedding Session

A few months ago, Lauren emailed Frayed Edge to ask if Mike and I would be going to Daytona, Florida for Bike Week in March. She was hoping we had planned on being there so we’d be able to photograph her wedding. Since we were booked locally with other photography sessions during that week, we didn’t get the opportunity to capture the ceremony, but this past weekend they made it in to High Point and rocked out some pretty awesome post wedding portraits. It was a a thrill capturing their passion for riding motorcycles as well as their passion for each other. They’re a hot couple with a really hot bike.


C-Family Portrait Photographer-Greensboro, North Carolina

A couple of weeks ago, we spent a Saturday afternoon with the C family for a family portrait session by Hamilton Lakes, in Greensboro. Lori, Christian, and their sons Christian and Cameron were a blast to photograph. They are a laid back family and our photo session reflects their casual and relaxed spirit.


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