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Get Framed by Frayed Edge-North Carolina Photographer-High Point North Carolina

We’re trying something new this year and we call it, “FRAMED.” The idea is to work with clients to use photography and graphics to produce a piece of art that compliments a space the client wants to enhance. The cool thing about it is that the client will appear somewhere in the piece, kind of like Alfred Hitchcock appearing in cameo in one of his movies. The client’s presence in the piece can be as conspicuous or as inconspicuous as the client wants.  The important thing is that the final piece incorporates the colors, style, story, texture and size the client wants for the space.

For example, we can create a piece that looks like an oil painting with a mood of elegant old world mystery…

Or we can go crazy and hide the client in a riot of color…

We can create a fantasy scene…

Make complimentary panels in watercolor style…

IMG_0147 (1)

Go cool and intimate…

or pastel warm and bright…

We can go almost monochromatic…

Or create story while we focus on a complimentary color…

But all of this is just scratching the surface. We can pretty much use the media at our disposal to put the client into a work of art that enhances a space, tells a story and says something about the client. The goal is that a viewer will at first only notice a new, conversation-stimulating piece of art in our client’s living room. But closer examination will reveal that the client is actually in the picture…the client has been “FRAMED.”

Contact us from our website if you’re interested in making a cameo above your own mantle piece.


Triad Wedding Photographer-Carla’s Bridals-Clemmons NC

Frayed Edge met with Carla at Elysian Equine, in Clemmons, NC for her bridal portraits. The setting was gorgeously dotted with sunflowers here and there and the light was just perfect. Carla took time to pose with her horse, Donnie, a beautiful Hanovarian who was as at ease in front of the lens as Carla. Carla and her beau Brent were featured in an earlier post when we photographed their engagement portraits. Wedding photos will be coming soon! For now, enjoy this beauty in her bridal portraits.


Portrait Photographer-Greensboro, North Carolina-Mother Daughter Shoot

Kathy and her daughters “Peapod” and “Cammie Sue” are picture perfect models. The vision for their shoot was “vintage eclectic” with hints of hippie! So, so fun! I had to get Cammie Sue’s pics early in the shoot, ’cause mom warned me when she was done, she was done. Mom knows her girls. Within five minutes, four year old “Cammie Sue” wasn’t having anymore of the camera. That’s ok, because I think we got some pretty awesome shots.

“Peapod” has modeled for for a major sporting goods manufacturer, so she knows how to make the best of a photo shoot and it shows in her portraits.

Mom is just dang beautiful.

We really enjoyed working with these girls!

Thanks so much to Lisa Pleasants from A Pleasant Vintage Affair in Summerfield, North Carolina for providing the formal costumes and jewelry  for this shoot. Lisa sells vintage wares and clothing online here.

If you are interested in setting up portraits please contact Frayed Edge Concepts, LLC at info@ We want to be your portrait photographers!



Event Photographer-Greensboro, NC-Evolving into a Roller Girl with Greensboro Roller Derby

Many of you know I have finally taken the bull by the horns. I have joined the Greensboro Roller Derby. (GSORD) Since last March I have been intrigued by this group of women and the culture of Roller Derby. It took me a year to make the decision to become one. You may remember my first blog about watching them practice last year.

Since announcing this to friends and family I have come across mixed reactions. Some are supportive and excited, while others think I have lost my mind. Please note: The latter only makes me even more committed to doing this!

I have also come across some interesting questions. Let me share a few:

Question: Will you be skating in the upcoming bout on March 6th?

Answer: No, I have to learn some basic to advanced skating skills and pass an assessment in/around June before I will be allowed to join a team on the GSORD. Then I may or may not be invited to join one of the teams. Unfortunately, some girls may spend a very long time working to get onto a team. The teams within the GSORD are the Battleground Betties, Elm Street Nightmares, Gate City Roller Girls, and The Mad Dollies.

Question: Do you have a Roller Derby name yet?

Answer: I am working on coming up with a name. Names for Roller Derby are registered in a National Registry, so it is a good idea to wait until after we pass assessments and are on a team roster before we choose a name. The name is submitted to a National Board for approval. If it is too much like a name within the registry it will not be approved. I will wait patiently and keep a list of names I want to myself to prevent it from being taken when I am ready to submit my name.  When I do come up with a name it will be catchy, creative, and fit my personality. If any of you want to email me some ideas of names, I would love it!! I am always open to suggestions!!!

Question: Why do Roller Girls dress the way they do?

Answer: It is a part of the unique culture of Derby.  I am planning on doing a blog a month on my experiences as Fresh Meat (new member on the team) and I will address this question specifically in a later blog!

Question: When can I see your team skate?

Answer: March 6th is GSORD’s season opener and the Gate City Roller Girls will be up against a team from South Carolina (URGE). The bout will start at 6:30 (but you may want to get there earlier, sometimes the lines are very long and you may want to get tickets online here. Your ticket purchase will get you into the after party benefitting Often Awesome!

I won’t be skating. I will be photographing the bout for a project Frayed Edge is developing with GSORD.  I WILL be wearing my GSORD Fresh Meat shirt and derby attire proudly!

Below, I have included  information on Sunday’s bout:

I Hope to see you there!


Greensboro-Maternity and Newborn Photographer- Erica

Erica is a great friend and is always so much fun to photograph! She’s a natural and the lens really loves her! She is a total fitness fiend and her efforts have really paid off these past several months. Erica has been a model for Frayed Edge several times, but this shoot was one where she hired us to capture the beauty of her pregnancy and to me, she is even more beautiful pregnant!!!

I absolutely love it.



The Edge of Immortality

Photography is great for capturing images of what we looked like at some particular point in time. But, for me, the real power of photography lies in the ability to capture who we are and how we relate to the world around us.

Some of my favorite photos come from portrait sessions of related pairs (mother-daughter, father-son, siblings, husband-wife, etc). Once the “Hawthorne Effect” evaporates, the electricity of human connection takes command of the scene. This is the picture I want to capture because, in my own life, this is what I want most to remember. Our looks change. Our relationships are what make us immortal.

These are some of my favorite images from a shoot with Mary-Elise and her daughter. I was honored to have the opportunity to explore the beauty of their special relationship.

I hope you enjoy these as much as I have.


Edge of a Secret

Ok, I feel like I am comfortable enough to let you all in on a little secret. In fact, it is so secret, I haven’t even shared it with Mike yet. You’ll be hearing it first, right here in this blog.

Here it is…I want to be a Roller Girl. I don’t mean just a skater. I want to be a full fledged, all out, Roller Derby Queen. I want to rule the flat track. I wanna be mean. Let me give you the 411 of how  this seed was planted, so, hang with me for a few minutes.

The 411:

A couple of months ago I went with my sister to get her hair done. She has the coolest hair stylist ever. You know how it is at the salon. Girls talk, gossip, share ideas and secrets. Sandy, (the stylist) just threw it out there in the middle of our conversation about working out. “I’ve joined a Roller Derby Team!”

I did a double take and asked her to repeat what she’d just said. I had no idea Roller Derby was still a popular sport and I couldn’t believe this 5ft. 5 in. super cute redhead was into pushing other people around. I wanted to know more and I couldn’t wait to get the inside scoop on what the Gate City Roller Girls (her roller derby team) was all about. I was also intrigued with learning more about the Roller Derby sport because after all, Frayed Edge Concepts is all about capturing moments outside the ordinary. I couldn’t wait to photograph these girls because to me, they are living a frayed edge experience.

So, I stalked (not really, I was invited) them at the Greensboro Downtown Shindig on May 2nd of this year. They were there promoting their team and connecting with the community. One of the group shots we took from that event appeared in “Go Triad” magazine (see pic below). Holla!

Since spending a few hours talking to these girls and photographing them in action, I have decided I want to be them. In fact, I want to be them so badly, I spent two hours this week with these high spirited girls while they participated in one of their four weekly workouts. Don’t worry, I didn’t don my skates and push my way onto the team. Mike photographed while I chatted and got to know a few of the girls a little better.

Here’s a few things I learned:

– I learned that Aubrey aka “Molly Flogger” (her Roller Derby name) started the Gate City team. She also writes about the team on their Facebook site.

-I learned Roller Derby girls have really cool Roller Derby names like Smaxle Rose, Jess the Ripper, Eristhrottle, Super Scar and Myrtle Biotch.

-I also learned that being a Gate City Roller Girl can be very dangerous. I mean, if you have to wear a helmet, knee pads, elbow pads and a mouth guard, it’s pretty apparent there is a degree of danger there.

-I also learned that these girls are very athletic. They spend a considerable amount of time warming up with sneakers before they ever put on a pair of skates. They do sit-ups, push-ups, and lots of stretching. Once the skates go on they spend time maneuvering in and out of small orange cones and even partner toss a shoe back and forth while skating side to side.

-I learned being a Roller Girl isn’t easy. It requires passing a Skills Assessment test before you can compete. Those skills include learning to fall correctly because falling the wrong way can be a hazard to oneself and others on the track.

-Thanks to Safia aka “Veto Power” I learned a few of the rules and etiquette of the sport like what a “jammer” is and elbowing is a bad thing.

-I learned that these girls who now call themselves the best of friends vary in ages, culture, ethnicity, occupations, you name it! As far as careers go, they have everything from small business owners to professors on their team. Impressive!

But, most importantly, I learned that the Gate City Roller Girls are all about camaraderie. They are into building relationships not just on their team, but with the community. August 21, they will be holding a Dance Party fundraiser in support of their team and Often Awesome.

Lindsay aka “School Ya Childs” shared that she had moved to Greensboro sometime ago and really hadn’t felt connected until she joined the Gate City Roller Girls. She said her time practicing and hanging out with the girls has been a social outlet which has made Greensboro feel more like home. “This is a great workout time, kick someone’s ass time, build team skills and challenge ourselves time. It’s also been a way to learn how to build a business from scratch with my friends.”

Two other team members had this to say about what they’ve gained from being on the team:

Carly, aka “Addie Van Cynic” –“Anger management!”

Jessica aka “Jess the Ripper” –“It’s a great workout with forty of your best friends and it channels aggression.”

One would think a team composed of forty girls would become a breeding ground for drama of Housewives of Orange County proportions, but these girls agree that the drama is non-existent. These are girls who are completely self aware and self-confident. Just a few more reasons to join.

So, as soon as I publish this post I am headed off to our local video store to rent “Whip It.” As I watch it, I will imagine I am Smashley Simpson or Babe Ruthless and maybe the movie will give me the edge I need to “put on my skates and be my own hero!” (quote from “Whip It”)